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    WoW Schools Review

    Hi Richard here. Note – this is a review site of WoW Schools. Click Here if you’re looking for the official website.


    WoW Schools Review

    As a serious World of Warcraft gamer, I have been looking for ways to help further my game. Specifically, I want to know more effective gold-making solutions and achieve gold cap – something that many gamers aspire to learn.  I heard about this WoW schools reaching gold cap course and it got me interested, so I looked for online reviews.  There are these notable features about WoW Schools that I would like to share to all my fellow gamers who share my passion for the game.  You will definitely find this information useful.

    •    Gold in 7 Simple Lessons.  For almost all gamers, the gold cap seems unattainable. And methods most familiar to us for reaching that gold cap requires massive playing time and doing repetitive tasks and processes such as grinding or farming.  The WoW cheats provides lessons that will enable you to get to gold cap even with a level 1 character.  That’s pretty far out.  In fact, the guide even recommends that you start with the level 1 character because the strategy will be more effective.  Users say that if you’ve mastered the techniques, you could even be at gold cap in your first week.  That surely sounds good to me.
    •    Maximize Use of the WoW Client.  If you get to fully utilize the WoW client and its powerful add-ons, you can further boost your gold-making potential.  This is something not mentioned in most gold-making guides.  WoW schools guide offers extensive coverage of the game’s add-ons.  It will teach you how to use each add-on, as well as tips and tricks to maximize their value.
    •    Get More than Gold Guides.  Of course we all want gold guides because gold is a crucial factor in playing the game.  However, wouldn’t you also want to learn more about other aspects of the game?  This guide offers more than gold-making tips and tricks, it will also provide you with Crafting and Gathering Professions Guide, Power Leveling Guide 1-80, Eternal Farming Guide, as well as Rare Mount Guide.  These cover almost everything you need for the game.  Pretty amazing, I think.

    After reading the review, I knew I had to get the WoW Schools guide.  Now, not only have I reached gold cap, I’ve also improved at every aspect of the game, which has further increased my dedication in playing World of Warcraft.  Other serious players should get this guide too.

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